On awareness

Nature is a language, can’t you read?

Successful human interaction is fundamentally dependent on awareness. How aware are you of what your fellow human being is currently thinking or feeling? Where do you think they are in their current stream of consciousness? Watch them as you speak to them. How are they reacting to you? What can you tell by the tone of their voice, the expression in their eyes, the speed of their response?

In short, are you aware? Are you aware of their current state of mind? Is what you’re saying to that person appropriate to this state of mind?

And if you’re in a group situation, how aware are you of the different characters in the group? Is what you’re saying appropriate for this group of people? Will you be understood? Are you engaging with everyone present?

You’ll only know if you’re aware. You need to read everything. And if you’re reading everything then you’ll be well on your way to social felicity: loving and meaningful human interaction, interesting and thought-provoking conversations and shared enjoyment of the light and shade of life.

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