Students support candidates ahead of Police Commissioner elections

Students from Durham’’s political societies have been campaigning with their local candidates ahead of the police and crime commissioner elections on November 15th.

PCC300200Members of the Durham University Conservative Association (DUCA) recently campaigned with the Tory candidate, Nick Varley, in Market Square, whilst also canvassing voters in nearby Ingelby Barwick.

Meanwhile the Durham University Labour Club (DULC) has campaigning planned for the next month and will meet its candidate, Ron Hogg, at an event on Friday 26th October.

The election for Durham’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) is just one of many being held across the UK which will see the creation of a new role in the community that is intended to make the police more accountable to the public.

PCCs will aim to cut crime and deliver an efficient police service within the force area. They will also have powers to hire and dismiss the chief constable and set the force’s budget.

Also standing in the Durham election are Kingsley Smith, an independent, and Michael Costello, the UK Independence Party candidate.

Speaking of the importance of these elections, Jonathan Duell, Political Officer of DUCA, said, “‘The upcoming PCC elections are an invaluable opportunity to reinvigorate the relationship between public and police. From local residents to students, we all have important safety concerns, and these can now be taken right to the heart of local policing authorities by an empowered, efficient and accountable PCC.’”

Daisy-Rose Srblin, Co-Chair of DULC, also spoke of the significance of the election. She said: “An awareness of any local political cause is an important step in understanding the issues of the residents with whom we share this city, and the election of Durham and Darlington’’s first PCC, though not necessarily seeming to affect students directly, is no different.

At DULC we’’re very much behind the Labour candidate Ron Hogg who after three decades of service in the region is a fantastic candidate for the position.”

For more information on all the candidates click here.

Published in Palatinate Online, Durham’s Official Student Newspaper, 24th October 2012 –


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