Fearful and Uncertain, Continental Brits Brace for Brexit Vote


Alexander Bailey gurgles in three different languages. At six weeks old, he may be one of the last European Britons.

Ineligible to receive Austrian citizenship until age 10 despite being born in Vienna, his British father and Russian mother hurried to get him a U.K. passport before it was too late.

“I want him to be European,” Michael Bailey, 38, said. “I needed to make sure he got a British passport that still said ‘European Union’ on it.”

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Sciences Po students mobilise for asylum seekers in Paris

Tina Bouffet is a co-founder of the Sciences Po Refugee Help group, a student association that provides support to asylum seekers in Paris.

She explained her motivations and the challenges of their work, from direct interaction with asylum seekers on the streets to raising funds for the association.