Here are some of the video reports I’ve made for the Sciences Po Journalism School in Paris:

Inside France’s largest political youth movement: the National Front – 14th May 2016

Nuit Debout – 19th April 2016

Continental Brits express fear and uncertainty over Brexit – 4th April 2016

Montmartre Cemetery – 6th April 2016

Spanish coalition stalemate – piece to camera – 9th March 2016

Sciences Po students mobilise for asylum seekers in Paris – 7th March 2016

France cracks down on fare-dodging apps – 7th March 2016

Paris braces for Calais influx after Jungle dismantlement – 6th March 2016

Tributes at Place de la République – 28th November 2015

The Force Awakens: A View from France – 12th November 2015

Paris clamps down on cigarette butts with €68 fine – 15th October 2015

Galerie Landau, the home of contemporary art in Montmartre – 1st October 2015

Will the Louvre ban the selfie stick? – 9th April 2015

Air pollution in Paris – 18th March 2015

Robocops hit the streets in Kinshasa – 4th March 2015

Immigration, France’s youth and the Front National – 22nd December 2014

Puppy purchasing in Paris – 26th November 2014

Anti-austerity protests at the National Assembly – 18th November 2014

The Portrait – 11th November 2014

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